My Story

Hey! Welcome, my name is Aryam and I began creating my products when I started becoming more aware with who really I am and understanding that I should take care of my body/soul and keep my family healthy as well. As I learned the magic of plants, they sang to me and my heart felt an urge to teach the world what I have learned. I believe it takes one single human being to change an entire world, I love to think big! I want to help you become more aware that this world needs us, take care of yourself and trust nature to heal you. It is my intention to offer truly natural alternatives that mother nature is giving us to products people use every day, each product I make is with loving intention and much patience.

I am a gardener, traveler, and lover of life currently living in the beautiful island of Puerto Rico. I exclusively buy my beeswax only from trusted sellers, and I use in some my products whenever it is required, but I also offer vegan options. All ingredients are ALWAYS organic, wild-harvested, 100% natural, cold-pressed, unrefined, preservative free, safe enough to eat (but please don’t, haha)